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Supporting Women’s Wellness Through Environments

Our guide for preparing for the Festive Season + our Women’s Wellness Package offer with The Wellness Nest


When was the last time you took a moment for you? 

As women- wives, mothers, daughters,  grandmothers, friends, employees- we lead busy lives that don’t stop once we leave work at 5 pm. 

Mostly, it is our responsibility to keep the fridge full, meals on the table, kids looked after and fed, appointments met and children’s school and extracurricular activities completed. 


Distress is inevitable when we are busy. With so many endless lists to complete, it’s not surprising this takes a toll on our bodies, nervous systems and minds. 


At Interior Flow, our goal is to not simply be interior designers. We want to support and empower our clients through their environments to create spaces that foster wellness and promote self-care.


As the stresses of Christmas begin to arise, looking after yourself is more important than ever. While for some, the difficulties involve preparing food, gifts, and your home, however, it’s important to acknowledge not everyone will be celebrating with family and others may be going through personal hardships. We just wanted to honor that for those of you not looking forward to the silly season this year. No matter what your circumstances are leading up to Christmas, we want to help you feel empowered within yourselves and your environment.




When we consider ourselves as a whole we have a brain, a mind and a body. Some people would add ‘soul’ or spirit. All of these sensory parts of ourselves interact with our environment and affect us on a daily basis. 


The space we inhabit and the people we share it with affect our mood and how we feel. Space is so much more than just pretty decorations and well-designed areas, they must functionally operate to interact with our senses, heal the mind and relax the body working on the parasympathetic nervous system.    


During the Christmas period, we are more likely to notice how our homes impact the emotions of ourselves and our visitors. It’s not surprising renovations and interior design are frequently discussed at this time of year if we notice our homes don’t promote feelings of contentment, connectivity and wellness. 


Our goal at Interior Flow is to consider the environment in which you connect with and, how that affects your mind, body and spirit. If you too have experienced similar feelings, we want to speak with you about how to create healing environments that represent you and your soul.




This month, we are working alongside our friends at the Wellness Nest to bring you a package to help deal with the added stresses of preparing for Christmas. Take this as a reminder to practice self-care, and to treat your home, mind and body. Connect back to your body, regulate your nervous system, honor your boundaries and create a space that makes you feel your best.


Wellness Nest Women’s Myotherapy Appointment


A unique treatment approach, tailored especially for women by a woman.

90 minutes of bliss using Rhianna’s combination of relaxation, remedial massage and myotherapy approaches. It can combine the use of essential oils, crystals, cupping, dry needling and any other available items in the treatment room.

This appointment is for women, giving them a safe and calm environment to talk and treat conditions affecting females directly. This can include PMS, menstrual cramps, stress, anxiety, muscular aches, headaches/migraines, jaw pain, pregnancy or post-partum support.

Come in and relax, receive therapeutic intervention for musculoskeletal complaints and/or to gain a greater understanding and treatment plan for a specific women’s health issue.

To be purchased directly through the Wellness Nest – 90 minutes COST $ 147.00


*Includes complimentary lavender bath salts when you treat yourself to both packages, ensure to quote ‘Interior Flow CARE’ to the Wellness Nest when booking so that we can honour our gift to you 



Interior Flow Dining Room Styling Package Details


Did you know in countries like Norway where it’s really dark they hold dinner parties with friends and family to ensure they feel connected to community and that their mental health is not affected by the lack of vitamin D. At times when we are so busy we forget to reach out to family and friends to feel connected which is part of our ingrained DNA to feel connected.


We would love to assist styling your dining room to hold dinner parties at your home that your proud of. We will take care of all the styling details and ensure that everything works with your existing decor and colour scheme to stand the test of time. We will even provide you with a mud map on how to set the table when it comes time so that you’re not overwhelmed with what to do when we are not there. 

The package includes: 

  • 2 options for your selection
  • 1 x home visit to discuss your styling needs 
  • 1 x meeting at our office or over the phone to present the dining room packages with you. These can be swapped and matched if you fall in love from things in one package to the next. Or you can have both if you love them 
  • A shopping list to purchase your new items 
  • A mud map to style your dining table when we are not there 
  • Styling includes recommendations for a dining table, chairs, cutlery, glassware, crockery, accessories to table such as candle holders or greenery, tablecloth and napkins  




 *Provided by Interior Flow when you purchase both the Wellness Nest and Interior Flow packages 


Krystal Sagona

With over 10 years experience as a residential & commercial Interior Designer, Krystal has built a strong reputation in the design industry. Award winning designer and highly intuitively creative, Krystal has the innate ability to understand and deliver your creative brief. Krystal is a registered Draftsperson with the Victorian Building Board and a qualified Feng Shui consultant with the AFSC (Association of Feng Shui Consultants) International.