Office Fit Out

Category: Workplace

Project Type: Office Fit Out

Builder: Clarity Interiors

Active TV Clarity Heatherton Commercial Design & Drafting
Active TV Clarity Heatherton Commercial Design & Drafting
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Interior Flow were engaged by an undisclosed company (due to privacy reasons as they work with high profile clientele) to create an office fit out with personality, that spoke to their customers of their core business values and evoked a warm welcoming presence.

Our role entailed the full design and documentation to include selections of finishes and furniture with an importance placed on warmth and timeless style through the combination of black glazed highlights and timber accents throughout.

It was of the utmost importance to create a functional floor plan to best utilise the floor plate to allow for projected company growth to the back of house areas which were to overlook the views of the surrounding area.

Natural light was burrowed to the front of house areas through the use of full height glazing used to the meeting rooms which separated the staff areas from the client areas, custom graphic film was designed for the glazing to provide privacy, filter natural light and add to the charm of the work place.

Thin profile glazing systems allowed for larger rooms and generous corridor widths achieving over and above the expected client brief requirements with additional meeting rooms added through clever spatial planning and building materials. All the while adhering to the requirements of the Australian Standards for usability and human ergonomics.

Clever storage solutions to the waiting area provided timber accents hiding clutter with fingerless pulls for a seamless look, timber screens allowed burrowed light to filter from the back and front of house areas while providing privacy and warmth to the waiting room.

The lighting added to the ambience and warmth of the overall office whilst the bright accent rug and splashes of colour through furniture and flooring evoked a vibrancy to the overall feel of the space hinting at the core value of the business to keep on the pulse of the business world.