Active TV

Category: Workplace

Project Type: Commercial Fit Out

Suburb: South Yarra

Active TV Commercial Fitout Melbourne
Active TV Commercial Fitout Melbourne
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Located in South Yarra, Active TV’s offices reflect both the creative people that work here and their innovation for which they have one awards for. As such the interior philosophy adopts the playful spirit of the employees to create a fun environment to work within to stimulate their creative ideas for their clients, yet timeless interior.

An anchoring colour pallet of their branding colours highlighted throughout is combined with a playful edge using old set props, setting their workplace apart. Newly renovated sound rooms were highly detailed to ensure complete silence for the sound technicians while working.

A playful annex set above the first floor was renovated for their staff meetings designed to foster their creative thought. A Transylvanian themed room with newly designed banquette seating and desk brightly decorated in bespoke cushions. Loose stools custom designed aided flexibility for staff to be comfortable supporting a creative work ethos. A one off work board was designed to assist their working method with a playful letterbox to put completed tasks in and could be referred to for later use.

Overall a colourful working environment designed to aid creative thought and the playful nature of staff made for a relaxing environment.