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Magnificent Mansions in Melbourne to Inspire Your Interior

Hidden away on sprawling tree-lined boulevards in Melbourne are some stunning and utterly inspirational homes. If you take a little detour off the main streets and meander down the avenues you might spy some incredible mansions to give you shivers and true home renovation goals.

You may not be able to see inside them from the street, but through the magic of the internet, we can take you inside.
With a wide variety of cultural and architectural styles, including Italianate, Victorian, French Provincial, Ultra-modern Contemporary, and a wide number of Vintage eras to take your inspiration from, you will be delighted by the design ideas you get from these mansions in Melbourne.

Your own home might not have quite the size and splendour of these expansive villas, but you can take a few tips from their interior design choices to create a castle of your very own.

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Create Space

When we think about mansions, we think about size and grandeur.

Having large rooms, high ceilings and floor-to-ceiling windows would certainly be a good start to giving your humble home a mansion-like feel. But don’t be discouraged yet, you can use some clever interior design to bring the impression of height and space into any area.

One of the first steps to creating space is to declutter. Everything in your room should either have a functional use or a visual one, and if it doesn’t meet either, then it should go.

All of the functional items in a room can be hidden in savvy storage spaces so that nothing is out in the room unless it improves the aesthetics in some way.

While your home may not have mansion-like proportions, you can build the illusion of cavernous space; talk to your interior designer to get some insight into how to achieve this in your house with the effects of glass, mirrors, and natural and reflected light.

For stunning interior design and architectural enlightenment, check out these Melbourne mansion wonders…

Classical French

This mansion in Melbourne is a shining example of classical French architecture.

Through strict adherence to classic proportions and design concepts that create long lines, your eyes are drawn up and out.

The simple touches of muted colour, repeated use of marble surfaces, and grand touches such as open fireplaces and library shelving are some of the design choices that make this home palatial.

I particularly enjoy the French provincial outdoor entertaining area with white pillars and open roof to the stars, finished with creeping ivy, that any home can recreate on their own scale.





Elegance in Kew

This lovely home has a historic look façade, but the real design treasures are inside.

The colours are calm, with contrasting uses of white, beige, black and grey, but incredibly clever touches of print and pattern that can make any home look luxurious.

The mismatch of bold patterned or textured tiles and marble floors in the bathrooms is wonderful, as is the complex parquetry in the halls.

You can inject some of these design touches into your home, including natural, polished floors, minimised decorations but reliance on bold tile or rugs, and exposed or hanging light fixtures.

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Kew Mansion Melbourne 1


Kew Mansion Melbourne 2


Creative Conservatories

Adding a custom conservatory to even the smallest home is a sure-fire way to create luxury and space. What could be more opulent than glorious rays of sunshine pouring into your living space?

Some Melbourne mansions show excellent use of glass to elevate a simple breakfast area or playroom to another level and can integrate your design theme with either a contemporary or vintage era look conservatory design.

Once again using hardwoods, stone and slate, industrial touches such as copper lighting, and of course glass, you can build a room for summer or winter use, and that can lead naturally from the inside out.

Small gardens are also made to look bigger with the addition of a conservatory or glass-room room at the entrance.
This mansion conservatory in Mt Martha looks out onto a pool, but you can encourage a similar effect from adding any water feature.

Water, like glass, when it reflects the light creates the effect of greater space, and also has been shown to improve your mood and mental health.

An open stone fireplace at one end of the room is a stunning touch, with added warmth and welcome on colder days, and the mix of old and new Hamptons styled furniture adds a wonderfully rich feel.

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Add mansion grandeur to your renovation plans

An interior designer can look over your home, or your plans for your new build, and provide some great ideas for ways to get that mansion grandeur in any interior design.

Clever use of natural finishes when done well gives an expensive look but need not cost that much. If you do decide to spend a little more, good quality surfaces can be an excellent investment and will last forever. An intelligent use of light and space will always raise your home to a whole new realm.

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You don’t need to come up with ideas of your own, that’s what your creative designer is for; talk to us here at Interior Flow about ways you can ensure your interior architecture and styling is grand and creatively designed to reflect an era or your personality.

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