How To Feng Shui Your Office For Improved Staff Productivity

How to Feng Shui your office for greater productivity

The same as a home, an office or work space contains living energy, and needs to be designed for positive energy flow for greater well-being and productivity.

An office can be harder to lay out, design and decorate because it has a higher negative energy burden, containing greater levels of stress and fatigue, and demanding more productivity, creativity and financial growth.

With this extra pressure comes some extra consideration when planning your office design. No matter what your business is, you want it to succeed, so consider how the Feng Shui of the space can make this happen.

If you are building an office or designing the floor plan of one, you would do well to start with good energy and opportunity flow at the forefront of your mind. Even if you are designing an existing building or office to give it a fresh new feel and harmonious energy, there is still a lot you can do.

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Where is the best place to locate your office?

When selecting a place for a new office, it is better to choose an area that is already built up and thriving with business and people.

While it can be cheaper to build in a new industrial area, the energy is these places still needs to be created but is still possible with the right Flying Star numbers in Feng Shui and if positioned on a corner where the energy converges and magnifies, drawing people into the business.

Ensure that your business is not below street level as the energy cannot reach you and people will walk right past your business. This can be remedied but is more difficult to redirect the energy.

Choose a location that isn’t in direct site line of a sharp building and or object that is known as a poison arrow causing bankruptcy, or too close to a power plant or bridge.

If traffic flows towards your office, this is good for prosperity. If possible, research the success of businesses that were located in this office before you, and watch out for a history of misfortune, death or bankruptcy in this exact location. In general, you should be looking for a healthy, positive flow of living energy in the space.

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Good Feng Shui for designing a new office floor plan

Any office can be successful if it has the right flying star astrology.

Put a lot of thought into your design of workspaces, desks and cubicles, and don’t be afraid to think out of the box.

Neater spaces encourage better flow of energy and ideas, so aim for open and streamlined areas.

Design your workspaces and cubicles for hidden storage and data connectivity, to keep desktops clean and clutter free.

Include positive communal areas to encourage worker stress relief and improve general job satisfaction. This will reduce stress, sickness and staff turnover, as well as increase productivity.

Design areas for high noise and creative energy, and also for silent contemplation and serious productive work.

Create an entrance that welcomes both staff and visitors and sets the right tone for your working day. Based on a compass reading and the way the numbers fly astrologically, as well as the age of the building (which changes every 20 years), traditionally your office front door should be facing the southeast, but this will vary. The entrance should also be designed to bring in and keep luck in the space.

Your entrance shouldn’t have reflective glass out front, because this pushes away wealth and opportunity. I would also recommend looking for, or building, a fountain out the front of the building or in the foyer.

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Other things to keep in mind to Feng Shui your office include…

As I have mentioned before, good natural light and fresh air flow throughout your workspace are absolutely essential for staff productivity, so design your office with this in your mind.

Create large windows, glass or transparent partitions and add skylights.

Invite natural air flow by being able to open windows, or at least build an airy space.

Natural Light in an Office Interior Design

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Good Feng Shui for revamping an existing office

Consider thoughtful use of colour in your office, by thinking about what sort of atmosphere you want it to have.

It is a place of ideas and creativity, or fun and frivolity? Or calm and quiet and serious thought?

Do you want to encourage healing, or learning, or financial growth and success?

Traditionally yellows, greens and oranges are good for business prosperity and staff productivity, but your specific needs might vary, so you may want to consult with an interior designer on what will work best for you.

Blue is good for calm, while earthy colours create a grounding space, so these could be better for healing workspaces such as alternative therapies, but not so much for high creativity offices.

Office Interior Flow


Design your office space for harmony, which means including the five elements to balance, strengthen or weaken the Chi and to create a natural energy, in balance in the space, such as building in design features of wood, earth, metal, fire and water. This works very well with the addition of stress relieving design features, to help your staff refresh their energy when needed.

If you cannot control what part of your office is in the money area of the space (ideally your desk should be here), you can still activate the wealth space by adding a moving water feature or living tree in the spot. Ensure that your back is facing a mountain number in its time, an 8,9 or 1, for optimum support in the workplace and financial growth using the Flying Star method.

Try adding living plants or fresh flowers, using moving water such as a fountain or aquarium, using rounded objects, or incorporating natural light, air flow, smell and pleasant sounds or music into a space.

Locate desks so that the worker doesn’t have their back to the door. Despite giving your worker a general feeling of dread and being watched, this is bad for energy flow and staff productivity.

Choose art and images that make people happy. Your confident use of unique pieces of furniture or beautiful, inspiring art can change the entire feel of a space.

Even if you are starting with an existing commercial office space, such as in the CBD, there is so much you can do.

Talk to our team today for ideas to increase the productivity and boost the potential of your business.

Krystal Sagona

With over 10 years experience as a residential & commercial Interior Designer, Krystal has built a strong reputation in the design industry. Award winning designer and highly intuitively creative, Krystal has the innate ability to understand and deliver your creative brief. Krystal is a registered Draftsperson with the Victorian Building Board and a qualified Feng Shui consultant with the AFSC (Association of Feng Shui Consultants) International.