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How to Feng Shui your house

Improving the positive energy flow in your home can bring all sorts of wonderful life changes.

Feng Shui has been shown to improve mental and physical health, and many believe can also help prosperity, luck, love and happiness. If you have an office or studio at home, the right Feng Shui can also boost your levels of creativity, productivity and inspirational flow. Simply by grounding your mountains and activating the water stars for wealth, prosperity and health using the Flying Star method of Feng Shui in your home.

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Flying Star Method

So with this in mind, why would you not want to Feng Shui your house?

There are a few different ways you can improve the flow of energy through your home, and they depend on the stage of building you are at, and on your finances.

If you are buying a home or a block of land, you can start with the following choices that will make for a happier home.

Things to look for:

  • Clean streets
  • Square blocks that are big enough for your home to sit back from the road a bit
  • Look for a lovely outlook, nestled among mountains at the bottom of a hill where the energy gathers and your home is protected, but you were probably already shopping for that anyway.

Things to avoid:

  • Seek property that is not overshadowed by pointy structures directed at your home as this is known as a poison arrow bringing ill fortune and health.
  • A block that slopes away from the house is not considered lucky, as the energy will just run right out again.

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How to Feng Shui your house at the planning stage

If you are in the very early stages of planning to build your home, or undertake a large renovation on an existing one, then you have a bit more freedom to play with.

When you have a say in the floor plan of a home, here are some things you should try to do with your new house:


The entrance to you home should be welcoming, offer you a place of grounding between the outer and inner world, and will encourage a smooth flow of energy. Your front door should be in a positive Flying Star astrological number, calculated by taking a magnetic compass reading of your homes North and South facing directions.

Your entry foyer works best if it is an almost independent space or room of its own, with its own design personality. It should allow you a moment to get your breath, unload your belongings, and come home before continuing on into the rest of the house.


The kitchen is the centre of your home, and also where good health begins. Ideally your kitchen should not be located right at the front door, or backdoor, again because energy can then escape. Try also to prevent your kitchen from facing a bathroom, and if a laundry is to be collocated, keep it uncluttered and hidden to contain the Flying Star chi (energy).

Your kitchen should be well lit, by natural light wherever possible, and airy and not have any windows above the cooker as all the foods nutrients will be lost out the window.

The layout and flow of your kitchen should make sense; it should be functional and harmonious, as well as well-organised. Take time considering where you will position your fridge, prep areas and sink for ease of use, and may extra attention to lots of hidden storage. Use the triangle planning tool to ensure there are not too many steps between each prep item for a functional kitchen plan.


It is very important that your bedroom be well placed, especially for the money earner of the house to be sleeping in a good position within the home to ensure money flow or job promotions.

When planning things within or near the bedroom, consider keep your home office out of your bedroom, and locate the laundry and bathroom and or ensuite further away.

If your bedroom is on the bottom storey, don’t sleep with your head positioned below a toilet, bathtub, or other drain.

When planning where your bedhead will go, it should not be under a window, or against a wall that joins with the bathroom.


In terms of energy flow, bathrooms can be hard to locate on a floor plan. Ideally a bathroom should be located where the Flying Star numbers are out of their time, to drain the chi through the pipework.

Keep your bathroom door shut to contain the negative chi if facing a front door, kitchen or in the middle of your home.

Flying Star Feng Shui Your HOuse

Interior Design ideas to Feng Shui existing residential spaces


The design of your entrance should be something that instantly welcomes you, or any guests into your home, and makes you feel peaceful and happy. Like all good energy flow areas, it should be clutter free, so keep closets and storage neat or hidden altogether.

Create a beautiful space with small but distinctive pieces of furniture, and showcase art, colour, flowers and pictures or your family or gorgeous landscapes that strengthen and support the chi of the Flying Star astrology within your home.


Your kitchen will benefit from lots of positive colours, living plants, herbs and flowers, bowls of fruit, and lots of air and light, which strengthen the chi of the Flying Star astrology within this area.


Use of red and pink in design in your bedroom brings good energy for love and sexual intimacy. Anything on the skin tone range is good however, including pale pinks, tans, and even gorgeous browns. You should aim to design a space that is nourishing, vibrant, calming and exciting all at once, which strengthen the chi of the Flying Star astrology within this area.

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Keep your computer, television and exercise equipment out of your bedroom.

Bring fresh air into your bedroom or use an air purifier to boost this.

Choose art and soft furnishings that look and feel happy and full of love; stay away from stark or lonely imagery.

Provide adjustable levels of light in your bedroom to allow it to go from vibrant and healing, to calm and peaceful, to exciting and intimate as required.


No matter where your bathroom is located in the home, you can work with it and improve your Feng Shui.

Keep your bathroom clean and clutter free and create a visually beautiful space; this will go far to encourage positive energy to stay.

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This is just the beginning…

In talking about the layout and design of your home, we are just barely skimming the surface. For more advice on how to Feng Shui your house to create the happiest home for you, talk to the design team here at Interior Flow today.

Krystal Sagona

With over 10 years experience as a residential & commercial Interior Designer, Krystal has built a strong reputation in the design industry. Award winning designer and highly intuitively creative, Krystal has the innate ability to understand and deliver your creative brief. Krystal is a registered Draftsperson with the Victorian Building Board and a qualified Feng Shui consultant with the AFSC (Association of Feng Shui Consultants) International.