Mediterranean Coastal Interior Ideas

Coastal Inspired Interior Designs for a Fresh and Functional Space

Everyone would love a house overlooking the beach, right?

With house and land for coastal living often hard to come by, your dream of an actual beachfront home might not become a reality just yet, but there are many ways you can give your home that chic coastal feel.

Adding a coastal vibe to your interior is not about sticking starfish on the walls and scattering shells on mantels and tabletops. Today I want to show you some aspects of coastal inspired interiors that are fresh and functional…. Which is your favourite?


Source: Villa Styling

Coastal Colours

Fresh colours of a coastal or beachside hue brings to mind the same sort of palette and vision taken from a beachfront. Think blues, whites, greens and a sprinkling of tropicals such as yellow, coral or neutral sandy browns.

There is so much that you can do with colour and playing with subtle beachy tones it’s easy to attain the beach vibe you are going for.

Make It Light

Do you picture a dark and poky beach house? No! It’s because they are full of light!

In your own spaces encourage the best possible use of natural light, and in smaller areas utilise things like glass room dividers, reflective surfaces, sky lights and natural-look light settings.

Picture sunshine and light refracting off the ocean… Light, bright and refreshing.

Natural Finishes

A fresh coastal home is rarely evoked by the use of thick or dark carpets. An instant way to add a coastal feel to your interior is to use natural surfaces in your home, such as polished floors of wood or stone. You could try a pebble-look tile or polished aggregate for a natural finish throughout your home.

You can also mix up the use of natural materials like dark wrought iron, suntanned terracotta, carved teak or mahogany, and wicker or bamboo.

Pattern and Print

Coastal inspired interiors have clean uses of colour, but often lend themselves to bold and inspired use of pattern. Think tropical patterns, such as of greenery or palm prints, of bright oversized flowers or touches of whimsy like fruit and birds, or of native patterns from coastal places such as Africa, Asia or Polynesia.

Water and Plants

Fresh flowers or living plants, as well as water features big and small will also give your interior a lovely relaxed and beachy vibe. These touches do not need to take up a lot of space but can inject a lot of life and vibrancy with a minimum of effort.

The serene sound of running water, with some gorgeous scented candles or infusers will bring your other senses to a total coastal place.

Coastal Interior Design Ideas

Source: TLC The Life Creative Blog

Inspired Furniture

Coastal inspired furniture is usually of the sort that you can sink into and don’t need to get out of all afternoon. Beach-inspired pieces are usually wooden, often shabby or rustic, low to the ground, and with a lot of carving or character in the surface.

Often furniture is built in, such as window seats and outdoor built-in sofas, with ample cushions for a comfortable relaxing space.

Window Features

Shutters are often used in coastal styles, but the colour and finish might vary. Some will be white wood, and some very dark, while other coastal styles can use cane or bamboo window coverings instead.

Kyle & Kara

Stand Out Styles For A Coastal Inspired Interior

  • Lots of white
  • Glass and wood
  • Patterned/print Cushions
  • Oversized fans
  • Enhanced natural light – lots of windows and mirrors

Source: Table and Hearth

Different Coastal Interior Styles

American Coastal

This can be either vintage or contemporary, think a cottage in New England or sprawling Hamptons New York villa. This style is often nautical in theme, and relies on a variety of shades of blue, beige and warm welcoming light. The style also uses a lot of windows and natural light, and doors and even walls that open up fully and let the outside blend seamlessly with the interior.

American Coastal Interior Design

Source: The Casa Collective / Pottery Barn

Tropical Island Coastal

Inspired by the climate, vegetation and culture of life in places like Hawaii and Polynesia, this style adds brighter colours and large, bold prints to the design. Think of traditional patterns or artwork, fabrics in native prints, and natural elements such as stone, teak, and other wood finishes.

Tropical Coastal Interior Design

Source: Laura Ashley

British Colonial Coastal

This style was created when British colonialists moved to places like Africa and India and set up a unique blend of British luxury and sensibility with the native colour and heat. This is characterised by touches of copper and brass, ornate mahogany furniture that could fold down into a steamer trunk, and items of class such as writing desks and barcarts. Colours are paler than your usual coastal look, with natural tones, beiges, and light greens and blues on fabric, often in Indian or African prints, but contrasted against rich dark wood.


Mediterranean Coastal

For inspiration here think of cliffside cafes in Santorini in Greece, or in Italy or Spain. The colours again are bright and have a sunbaked quality to them, with lots of contrast of fresh white and terracotta. Also, well used here are heavy woods, black iron railings and balconies, and carved details, with lots of arches and strong lines in things like exposed beams.

Mediterranean Coastal Interior Ideas

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