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Beautifying Your Interior Design With Plants

Adding plants to your décor is one easy decorating tip that so many people overlook. Some people might add a pot plant to a bathroom ledge, or a kitchen windowsill, but greenery can lift the look, feel and energy of any room in the house.

Why should you plant plants in your home?

You don’t technically need to plant them, but scattering them around the house is highly recommended. Don’t restrict yourself in terms of what you have always done, or what conservatively you think the use of plants in décor should be. They are just wonderful at elevating your entire design scheme to the next level, so why wouldn’t you?

They look cleaner and fresher, and more natural than homes without plants. They help you create a seamless flow from your interior to your outdoor areas, which is a big plus if you love entertaining or have put a lot of work into your garden. They go well with any design theme, from modern to vintage, from industrial minimalist to rustic chic.

Plants also absorb sounds so can make an empty home or large space seem softer, cosier and more inviting. They basically add life and texture to any room, but here are a few more benefits of including trees, plants and flowers into your home décor.


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They can be added on a budget

Plants don’t have to cost that much to make an impact. You can, of course, increase your budget and make the sky the limit with expensive and exotic greenery, but you don’t have to. With plants, as long as they are taken care of, they become vibrant, look healthy, and they can grow to be quite large and become focal pieces themselves. If you have any empty corner or unfinished spot, add a plant.

They are an easy way to add big colour

Plants make a massive colour difference to a room, without all the effort of painting, wallpapering or re-carpeting. You are guaranteed an incredible injection of green, but if you add flowers and other varieties of leaves you can get virtually any other colour you desire.

You can choose colours that pop or pastels that add a subtle elegance, but either way, the colour brings purity. Plants bring a different element to a room that is very hard to reproduce with just a splash of paint or soft furnishings. Mother Nature is the original and greatest artist of them all.


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You can swap them around as you like

If you are the type to redecorate often, or even if you just want to mix things up from season to season, plants are an easy way to change things around. You can swap them out for something that looks completely different or move them around your house as you like.

They are fairly low cost and low maintenance; you just need water, light and to dust the leaves every so often. Far simpler to maintain than a leather couch, but you still get all of the style, texture and luxury. Plus, a lot of people find great peace and calm in tending to their plants, which helps stressed-out occupants get much-needed relaxation.

They improve the air and energy flow in your home

In doing this, plants provide a more healthy environment for you and your family. Some plants are experts at clearing the air of specific toxins and allergens and any new plant will increase the flow of natural energy or chi in your home, which can improve your health, stress levels, creativity, and prosperity.


Beautifying your interior design with plants

How to do it

The difference between real plants and artificial plants

Alive, living and breathing flowers improves airflow and chi,  artificial ones still look amazing, and will make your home welcoming and bright, however, won’t bring the same life energy into your home. Artificial ones have come in leaps and bounds from the plastic ones of our childhood; the silk designs are stunning and they easily fool the onlooker. They have less upkeep and will bloom literally forever, surviving in any climate. The gorgeous aesthetic benefits are still prominent whether you bring real or artificial plants into your home.

Where can you add plants?

You can add plants anywhere. They can be big or small additions, become temporary fixtures or more permanent ones like built in alcoves and feature window walls.

You can

  • Put a large pot on the floor in your entry with something towering and leafy, which will give maximum impact to anyone coming into your home
  • Place a series of herbs, lettuce and edible blooms in your kitchen for colour and scent
  • Make a dramatic décor feature using an odd number of different sized plants on your sideboards
  • Put trailing plants like ivy on higher shelves for a draping impact
  • Have plants in all of the bedrooms and bathrooms for better airflow and to freshen up stale areas
  • Put a little rock garden with some rainforest blooms in wetter areas like next to showers or baths.
  • Create a fairy nook in your child’s room with bonsais and other miniatures; add micro herbs or tiny flowers plus a couple of well-placed toys for extra whimsy
  • Add fresh flowers to your dining table
  • Succulents and cacti can work wonderfully inside and need a bare minimum of care
  • Add a little something for inspiration on your desk

As always, with interior design you are only limited by your courage and your imagination. With plants, do what makes you happy, and what makes your home feel welcoming as soon as you walk through the door.

Krystal Sagona

With over 10 years experience as a residential & commercial Interior Designer, Krystal has built a strong reputation in the design industry. Award winning designer and highly intuitively creative, Krystal has the innate ability to understand and deliver your creative brief. Krystal is a registered Draftsperson with the Victorian Building Board and a qualified Feng Shui consultant with the AFSC (Association of Feng Shui Consultants) International.